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BITTER KOLA! Yes, you heard it right. It is scientifically known as GARCINIA KOLA and belongs to the family of Guittiferal. It is a wonderful agricultural product with a wide range of applications in natural and orthodox medicine.
Bitter kola is very popular and common in our local market; they could be fresh or dried. Both types, as very knowledgeable experts says, possess healing power for various sicknesses such as cough. At the international level bitter kola is used for brewery purposes and that has been the reason why bitter kola is demanded in small and in large quantities by the international market.
Bitter kola, as mentioned earlier, can be found easily in our local market, hence sourcing it will never be a problem and it is relatively cheap.
Bitter kola, in most cases, find its way into our local markets from the Eastern part of the country.
For bitter kola to meet export standard, it may require some processing which can be achieved without the use if any machinery or equipment as this can be done in a natural way. Prospective exporters can enter the business either in a small or big way. It depends absolutely on the cash at hand and requirement of the buyers. Small scale exporters can start the business right from their bedroom with just a functional e-mail address. This is the best and easiest export business so far, for the reason that is neither a perishable good nor is it fragile. Exporters are rest assured that the products will get to the buyer safely. But there is the need for an efficient method of quality control in order to keep it fresh and healthy looking.
The packaging method used in this business is very easy and can be learned by anybody.
The international price for bitter kola is now USD17/Kg. That transforms into well over USD17,000/MT(FOB). The equivalent can be obtained in our local market for as low as N800 per kg or even less. That is, depending on the point of purchase.
If you desire an export business, which you can start and do at your own pace, consider bitter kola.
1.            Low start up capital
2.            The business can be operated from home
3.            The operational cost is low
4.            Huge profitability
5.            The business is risk free
6.            It gives you freedom to do other things
7.            Easy access to cheap sources of the products
8.            Easy access to overseas markets and buyers
9.            Simple processing and packaging
10.           Easy and prompt collection of payments
11.           Simple shipping and payment terms.
In order to assist a lot of Nigerians to tap into this highly lucrative export business, our organization, THE THY CONSULTING, has written a manual titled “HOW TO GET RICH EXPORTING PROCESSED BITTER KOLA”, to enable them know all the techniques and secrets of processed bitter kola export business.
1.            Introduction
2.            Bitter kola local sources in Nigeria
3.            Uses of bitter kola
4.            Bitter kola processing to International standard
5.            Packaging of bitter kola to international standard
6.            Pricing
7.            Quality control
8.            Securing Export Order
9.            Detailed Advantages of processed bitter kola export business
10.           Contact addresses of possible buyers
11.           Commonly used shipping & payment term
12.           The general requirement for export
13.           Meeting the registration requirement of Nigerian Export Promotion Council for export of bitter kola
14.           How to apply to Nigerian Export Promotion Council
15.           Description of Export Sequences of bitter kola
16.           Made of payment by the overseas buyers
17.           The function of freight forwarder in export of bitter kola
18.           Export documents
19.           Bitter kola specifications
20.           How to detect fraudulent buyers
21.           How to raise capital for export of bitter kola and many more.
Only very few Nigerians for now have penetrated the lucrative market and reaping cool big profit without stress. The KNOW-HOW of processed bitter kola had been covered up and seriously guided for sometime but now we the present Nigerian revolutionary wealth builders have decided to uncover the secrets and release them without reservation to fellow aspiring Nigerians who so desire and keen in operating the wealth building secrets.
1.               To contribute our quota to eradicate poverty in Nigeria
2.               To eliminate idleness and hopelessness in our country.
3.               To show people how to prosper through processed bitter kola export despite the economy.
4.               To let people know that our country is greatly blessed with resources yet unexplored
5.               To create awareness of such a lucrative export business
6.               To expose the idea of processed bitter kola as great income opportunity
7.               To reduce financial crisis and crime in our society.
In this mission i.e. empowering you to build your desired wealth with peace of mind; many are sincerely called, but believe me or not, only few are chosen. Why only few? That is the power of destiny working. The mystery is only known to our creator-Almighty God.
In striving to live up to our name THE THY CONSULTING wanting you to be a prosperous and wealthy Nigerian, which I believe, should be one of your goal in life.
Our organization has spent huge money, time and efforts to acquire valuable information through attending seminars, conferences; surfing Internet and researches on how to set up processed Bitter Kola Export business successfully. All necessary, comprehensive and step by step guide on how to embark on the business and make huge financial success from it; are contained in the well research manual on “HOW TO BE RICH EXPORTING PROCESSED BITTER KOLA”.
The price is N6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only) cost of postage by courier inclusive.
The price is a bargain for the valuable information and facts that would aid your success in the “SILENT GOLDMINE” Business.
Conclusively, I would advise you to give it a bold trial and you are sure of being on your way to a sound financial independence and freedom you so much desire; if you judiciously apply the principles highlighted in the manual and with good luck and Almighty God’s blessing and guidance success is guaranteed.
To get your own copy of the unique manual take the following steps:

1. Visit any branch of FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC and pay the sum of N6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only) into THE THY CONSULTING A/C 2004862363.

2. Alternatively ,visit any branch of GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC and pay N6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only) into THE THY GLOBAL INVESTMENT LTD A/C 0036974905.

3. Or , visit any branch of ECO BANK NIGERIA PLC and pay N6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only) into THE THY GLOBAL INVESTMENT LTD A/C 1802000495.

4. Send us an e-mail titled 'PAYMENT NOTIFICATION" containing the following:

i. Your Office Postal Address.

ii.Telephone Number.

iii.Date of receiving our report.

iv.Date of making payment and the amount paid.

v. Title of the information product ordered for.

The manual with other bonuses (if you qualify) would then be dispatched to your immediately your draft is received.

If after receiving the manual you are for any strange reason dis-satisfied with it, you can return it for or full refund of your money. But before then, you have to notify us within a week of receiving the manual, which shall be at most 3 week after dispatching your package. Again, you have to ensure that the manual get to us not later than two weeks after e-mail.
If you order this manual within 14 days after receiving this report all these and many more will be yours in addition:
1.                Write up on “Guide to United States of America Business Opportunities”
2.                Write Up on “How To Cash-in-on Export Opportunities in Agro-Allied Products”.
That is, if you act within 14 days of receiving this free report by sending us your e-mail payment notification advice.
Dear entrepreneur friend, it is my sincere hope that you would not let this golden opportunity pass you by. Poverty won’t be your portion by the grace of Almighty God. (Amen).
I am dutifully standing by to receive your payment notification in less than 14 days from now.
Your copy of the unique manual and the bonuses are already packaged wasting to be delivered to you.
Sincerely yours,
Ismail AbdulAzeez,
The Managing Consultant,
The Thy Consulting.
If you reside in Lagos State or Ogun State and/or their metropolis and you wish to visit our office personally to pay cash and collect package; you are privilege and sincerely welcome.
4, Ismail AbdulAzeez Street,
Singer Bus Stop,
Sango Ota,
Ogun State.
Tel: 08023050835 ask of
Ismail AbdulAzeez or Kabirat AbdulAzeez
Act Now! Nothing happen without action. Do not procrastinate, make hay while the sun shines.
Being Smart Is Getting Into New Things Early.

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